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KRUNK is about a selectively blind man named Terrence KRUNK. By selectively blind, it is meant that he can see at some times and cannot at other times. KRUNK is also about Jogn Arp, Jep Menso, Jimy Kreggor and Jane Moso, Terrence's friends.

Terrence, funded by the government for his disability, travels to cities around the U.S.A. Sometimes one or more of his friends join him. He also regularly comes back to the town where he has permanent residence. This is where his friends live. Most of the weekly strips are set in the town where Terrence claims residence.

Terrence and his friend's adventures usually consist of them encountering situations of philosophical, ethical, religious, political or socail import. However, some of their adventures are just adventures and nothing else.

Some KRUNK weekly strips

KRUNK #7 Introduction, part 6 "Four Word Summation" Terrence takes the bus back home with Jimy and Jogn. They meet Jep, the Catholic. Conversations abound, covering numerous moral issues. 36 pages 8.5"x5.5" $5.00 post paid
KRUNK #6 Introduction, part 5 "Losing your Dignity" Terrence looks for a cane, Jogn finds a job, Jimy does graffiti, an action packed moment ensues. 20 pages 8.5"x5.5" $3.00 post paid
KRUNK #5 Introduction part 4 "Letting Yourself Forget" Terrence roams the streets with a homeless man named Kasaan. Jogn and Jimy contemplate what to do while at their destination. 16 pages 8.5"x5.5" $2.50 post paid
KRUNK #4 Introduction part 3 "Terrence and the Pirates" Terrence, Jimy and Jogn fight pirates! Action packed issue! Drama packed issue! Will please both gut and brain! 14 pages 8.5"x5.5" 14 pages $2.00 post paid
KRUNK #3 Introduction part 2 "Excuses for Laziness" Terrence arrives at his destination, finds a room to rent and walks through the town, ending up at a bar. 24 pages, color cover! 4.25"x5.5" $2.50 post paid
KRUNK #2 Introduction part 1 "Untitled" and "False Things" Picks up where KRUNK #1 left off, but has very little to do with KRUNK #1. We meet Terrence. Something disturbing happens in his apartment, which sends Terrence on his quest. He meets up with his friend Jimy, the anarchist and befriends Jogn, a philosopher. 40 pages 8.5"x5.5" 14 pages $5.00 post paid
KRUNK #1 A highly stylized cartoon man and a superhero anthropomorphic dog face a seemingly bleak fate. 11"x4.25" 9 pages $1.50 post paid

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